Are You a Warrior or Scout as a Leader?

The Ted Talk

In her Ted Talk, Julia Graf makes the case that perspective is everything. She asks:"Are you a soldier, prone to defending your viewpoint at all costs — or a scout, spurred by curiosity?"

Julia Galef examines the motivations behind these two mindsets and how they shape the way we interpret information based on our emotions.

What's the Point?

This lecture provides another way to explain some of the elements of the Performance Model to understand both what occurs in us that impacts emotions and how the combination of factors impacts behavior. Click here or the image above to watch Julia Graf's Ted Talk.


Dante's Cubicle
Where corporate reality meets the mystical

We claim this book is a cross between Studs Terkel's Working and Scott Adams's Dilbert.

There's a third intersection that includes myriad people such as Joseph Campbell, Don Miguel Ruiz, Daniel Quinn, Wes Nisker, Angeles Arriens, Willis Harman, Wolf Storm, Shinzen Young, Ken Wilber, Thomas Kuhn, Daniel Millman, Miguel De Cervantes, Richard Back, Margaret Wheatley, Ben Hamper, Fritjof Capra, Stanley Herman, Gary Zukav, and countless others. These are individuals from commoner to intellectual king who saw reality from a perspective outside the existing, dominant paradigms.

This book takes real-life incidents from America's workplaces and plays them out in the Archangel Corporation. Michael, the "new kid on the cubicle block" tells the story as we witness how classical business activities play out at the front line of the organization.

Then, Michael is gifted with an intervention from an unknown, unnamed source (or Source). This cyber-source, who came to be known as Raphael, provides Michael with explanations and alternative views on what is occurring in his worklife.

We think it's a good read and will provide some views you may not have encountered or some stories you may not have considered.For more insights into the content of Dante's Cubicle, click here.

If you don't find value in it, demand a refund from the authors.

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